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Allotment Candles

Set Of 2 Luxury Candle Tins: Select Your Fragrances

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Fragrance 1
Fragrance 2

Hand made candles lovingly created in small batches in our home in Belfast.

Using only Soy wax ensures the cleanest burn and no carbon soot.

Over at the allotment we love to see big things grow from tiny ideas. So don't hold back, plant something, nurture it and watch it grow.  Hand poured into beautiful amber glasses, our special selection of scents will bring warming inspiration to any home.

Select your 2 favourite fragrances from the collection.

Luxury Hand Poured Candle. 

Highly fragranced candle that brings scent and luxury to your home.  Each handpoured candle is made to the highest specifications.  After much safety and quality testing we have settled on wax and wick combinations that gives the best scent and the longest lasting burn.  We use a professional grade wax that has been specifically blended to bring together the clean burn of soy wax , the stability of mineral wax and the sustainable qualities of rapeseed wax.

Burn Time

Approx 40hrs.