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Handmade Paper Garden

Double Peony Paper Flower Bunch: Fuchsia

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Flowers handcrafted from paper, petal by petal, to make a lasting impression. 

Handmade Paper Garden started out due to my 'black gardening thumb' and my youngest son's allergy to fresh flowers. I also wanted an inexpensive and everlasting way to add a bit of color to my home after leaving my corporate job. Visitors were impressed with my paper decor so I began making them as gifts and posting some of my flowers on social media. Handmade Paper Garden has grown from there. I never thought I had a creative bone in my body but I believe I have found my true calling. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I love making them for you.

Every flower is made with love & attention to detail. Each petal is cut & coloured by hand with no two flowers being the same, just as in nature. 

Fluffy peonies that are always in season and will last forever. Made with premium Italian crepe paper available in white, blush, pink or fuchsia This arrangement includes 1 Peony bud 1 small double Peony 2 large double Peonies Peony foliage
Dimension: Approximately 35cm but can be easily bent or carefully cut to fit any size 20-25cm diameter Handmade
Paper Garden produces many different varieties of flora with many colour combinations possible. These flowers are handcrafted from premium Italian crepe paper, petal by petal, to make a lasting impression. An everlasting gift or home décor, handmade paper botanicals make a great alternative to fresh flowers. Besides the easy maintenance and the obvious longevity of paper flowers, if you ever get bored of them, you can simply put them in a new location, trim the stems down and try a new holder. Paper flowers really are the perfect gift.