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Sarah Mackay

Framed Original Art Acrylic on Canvas Board: Golden Skies

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An interplay of pigment using water-based mediums 

Sarah has always loved being in nature, the planting of a wild flower patch at the bottom of her garden was the beginning of her fascination with flowers.  Sarah quickly became fascinated with, and addicted to, the process of planting, growing and nurturing a garden and the joy and inspiration that it brings.  The colour, shapes, lines and atmosphere that are present in nature are something which will forever be an inspiration.  Sarah says "focussing on the beauty surrounding me is intoxicating and addictive.  It has a culminative effect, the more I pay attention, the more I notice".  Sarah works across all mediums, but particularly enjoys water-based mediums such as water colours and inks.


Art Size 30.5x30.5cm

Framed 43.8x43.8cm (17.63 inches x 17.63 inches)

Frame may vary from the one shown