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OMC Knitwear

Oatmeal and Camel Lambs Wool Contrast Scarf

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A knitwear collection with colours from moody blues, to juicy pinks.

Orla is the owner of all things OMC Knitwear. Orla began her business after graduating in Textile Design mid pandemic in 2020. Like most, the prospects of finding her dream job while the world had been turned upside down, was daunting to say the least. Orla decided to take matters into her own hands and keep doing what she loved - designing, making and being creative.

The pandemic showed us all a new love for comfy, baggy (and not so fashionable) outfits, so I wanted to change this for when the world reopened. Each piece of knitwear aims to provide comfort, cosiness and a sense of home.

Living in the beautiful country-side of Northern Ireland, Orla's inspiration has come from the breath taking panoramic views of Lough Neagh. Orla says "I like to call myself a sunrise/sunset catcher, as in I will wake my sisters up at 5am to come watch the sunrise with me to catch those dramatic sky colours". This knitwear collection follows these colours from the moody blues, to the juicy pinks at shepherds delight - forever reminding me of home no matter where I am.

As a knitwear enthusiast, Orla wanted to ensure a high quality of ultimate softness, warmth and comfort, so after a lot of trail and error she sourced a high quality lambs wool that is dyed and spun in England. Not forgetting the environment, lambs wool is biodegradable so it naturally decomposes in soil. Each of the products in this collection are carefully designed with the intentions to minimise as much waste as possible.

Double sided contrast scarf made from 100% lambswool.

Scarfs are made on a hand-powered knitting machine in our small studio in Northern Ireland.

Knitted with a double layer for extra warmth.

One size fits all