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Angela McCracken Ceramics

Large Open Rim Planter: Sky Blue

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Brightly Coloured Homeware & Pet Dishes

Angela originally came from Ballymena, but moved to England and then Scotland before returning home to N Ireland after 30 years. 

Angela started making pottery in 1992 in Leeds and immediately fell in love with creating using clay. After a break to concentrate on being 'Mum', Angela established her own small studio in North Antrim where she gets much inspiration from the beautiful countryside and beaches. 

Angela has a great love for animals, especially dogs, having 2 adopted Bedlington terriers, Susie and Millie who keep her company in the studio. They are both rescue dogs. Millie came from the meat trade in China where she was rescued by a wonderful organisation founded by 3 women - 1 is from Cork, 1 from England and one from  Australia. This led to how Angela started pottery again, making dog bowls for her own dogs and pretty soon she was receiving orders from others. 

Angela says "It’s so relaxing creating on my pottery wheel, listening to an audio book with my 2 dogs. The perfect way to destress and unwind". 

Hand Made Ceramic Large Planter (plants for illustration purposes only)


Height: 11cm 
Diameter: 14cm