Hand Made Soap: Rice Water & Ginger

Hand Made Soap: Rice Water & Ginger

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Quality hand made skincare

Shh is the culmination of a life spent listening - to elders, nature, science, practical wisdom and most importantly to one's own body. The key to living well is not a mystery and there are many ways to go about it; Simple Home Holism is my way and I'd like to share it with you.

The fun part of an holistic life is getting your hands dirty! Connecting with the process. Growing up, the food we ate was wholesome because we used simple, raw ingredients mixed by our own hands to make something delicious. Foraging in the wild was often an inspiration, whether for soap-making, a soothing balm or a batch of sumptuous jam - their is always joy in your own creation.

However, the most important classroom always remained the home and I now want to share these simple wellness techniques with you in order for you to create your own spaces of calm and well-being...
So Shh - Simple home holism

Rice Water & Ginger

This smoothing and brightening bar with rice water helps to lift the skin and encourage a natural glow.  Ginger oil encourages circulation to the skin aiding repair. 

Good for all skins,best for sun-damaged and aging skin.


Our products are created in small batches by hand to maintain the highest quality and freshness.  The ingredients we use are ethically sourced, free from Parabens, SLS, Palm Oil and artificial fragrances.  All products are suitable for vegans.