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Embroidered Pouches

Hand Embroidered Glasses Case: Blue

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Rag Button - expressing thoughts and capturing personal life through textiles.

Heather is a creator at heart: making has been something she has always done, at school, at home, and everywhere in between. A lot of her fond childhood memories revolve around creating things, like knitting a family of cats, or sewing a peg bag in primary school. Having discovered this love of art, Heather began a degree (Fine and Applied Arts) in the Belfast School of Art, with a specialisation in textiles. Heather says, "Throughout all my studying, the love of creating was still there! I wanted to work with my skills in doing the things I love – and Rag Button was born".

Heather tells us, "When I am not in my studio creating, I can be found teaching, at the Ulster University in Belfast, as Embroidery Technician. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge with others, having worked locally in many art centres, running workshops and venturing further afield to Goiania, Brazil, to share my skills with the local women in deprived areas". 

Heather expresses her thoughts and captures her personal life through textiles too, creating works that document times past.

Blue wool hand embroidered glasses case
A beautiful blue wool glasses case to store your glasses or
sunglasses. The front of the case is embellished with small pieces
of fabric, patchworked together and combined with hand stitches in
various soft colourful yarns. The interior of the case is lined with a
printed fabric and wadding to provide some cushioning and a
popper closure (the case is decorative and will not stop your glasses
from breakage if the case is dropped or damaged).
*Please note that the fabric, buttons and fabric prints my differ
slightly on each product, due to each product being individually
Size: 18.5cm (h) x 9cm (w) x 2.5cm (d)