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Stitch & Stones

Collection Coast Tote Bag: Stone

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Beautiful bags to carry your accoutrements throughout the days and years

Each Stitch & Stones Corduroy bag is lovingly crafted by Tara in the seaside town of Portstewart. 

The Stitch & Stones concept was born out of Tara’s desire for a well-made Corduroy tote that would last throughout the years. Unable to source such an 
accessory she took the matter into her own hands. 

Some stitches later - Stitch & Stones has an ever-evolving client base that stretches from Aghadowey to Auckland. 

While Tara hails from a family of textile artists and upholsterers her main influence is her Granny, a very skilled seamstress who has stitched many a garment
from children's clothing to wedding dresses. She hopes to inspire such creative delight in her own two young children. 

The bags are made up of materials carefully selected from small businesses who really value quality fabric. 

Collection Coast is mostly made from ticking fabric with one being corduroy. The ticking stripe boasts a nautical feel, the style of these bags are influenced by life on the North Coast.

The striped ticking bags feature double outter pocket and the cord has an inner pocket. 

Ticking fabric :100% cotton

The cord bag
8 wale corduroy: 100% cotton
Ticking fabric: 100% cotton

Dimensions are approx 45cm in length and 40cm in width